Fr. Felino N. Ragonton (1955-1996)

 Saint Estanislao Kostka College, Incorporated (SECKI), or Kostka College as it is popularly known,  is located in Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte. It started in 1955 as San Estanislao Kostka High School, with its founder, the late Rev. Fr. Felino Nartates Ragonton, Manukan’s pioneer parish priest (1950-1996), selling all his meager assets to construct a two-room shack for its first batch of high school students. Twelve years later,  it was granted Government Recognition (No. 180, Series of 1967) by then Department of Education Secretary Carlos P. Romulo.


In 1981, the school offered One-Year Certificate in General Clerical Course (CGC), which, in the same year, was granted Government Recognition (No. 074, Series of 1981) by then Education and Culture Minister Onofre D. Corpus.


In 1985, the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports, through Regional Director Nassal Alian, CESO II, recognized the school as a college, offering its pioneer  degree program, Bachelor of Arts (AB), major in Mathematics and English, which earned  Government Recognition (No. 010, Series of 1985).


In school year 1990-1991, the newly opened Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED), major in Mathematics and English, received Government Recognition (No. 09, Series of 1990) from then Regional Director Juanito A. Bruno.

Fr. Filomeno B. Cuaton’s Administration (1996-2000)

In August 1996, when the founder passed away, Mr. Claudio V. Tabotabo—who  had received a prior Special Power of Attorney from the former during his illness, took over the full responsibility of the school as President of the Board of Trustees. Rev. Fr. Filomeno B. Cuaton, who succeeded Fr. Ragonton as parish priest of Manukan, served as School Director. At this time, the school had applied for and availed of the Fund for Assitance to Private Education’s (FAPE’s) Educational Service Contracting (ESC) to help and subsidize the education of poor but deserving students of the community.


In 1999, Rev. Fr. Rodrigo M. Zafra served as the new parish priest. In April of the same year, Mr. Tabotabo, as President of the Board of Trustees and with the concurrence of the board members, amended the name San Estanislao Kostka College to Saint Estanislao Kostka College, Inc., which was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission through SEC Registration No. 92498 issued by then Regional Director Atty. Marcos G. Florendo, Jr. of Zamboanga City.


                 Fr. Rodrigo M. Zafra’s  Administration (2000-2004)

When Mr. Claudio V. Tabotabo took his graceful exit in November 2000, Rev. Fr. Rodrigo M. Zafra took over as the new School Director, adding new courses and opening kindergarten classes. Aware of the electronics age, Rev. Fr. Zafra also opened a college course in Computer Science. Before his tenure was over, he had also constructed a stage and a two-storey building for the new administration office which included an Alumni Office.


Fr. Edgardo A. Elumba’s  Administration (2004-2009)

In 2004, Rev. Fr. Edgardo A. Elumba took over as parish priest. It was at this time that the administration was in full force, electing a new set of Trustees for the Board, with Bishop Jose R. Manguiran, D.D., as President. In the same year, the Bachelor in Elementary Education (BEED) was given Government Recognition (No. 007, Series of 2004) through then Commission on Higher Education (CHED) OIC Regional Director Dr. Paz M. Encarnacion. In the following year, the Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC) program obtained Government Recognition (No. 015, Series of 2005) through then CHED OIC Regional Director Dr. Emmylou B. Yanga. In December 2007, 2-Year Computer Programing and kindergarten program had been amended


Fr. Philip E. Alicayos’s  Administration (2009 to Present)

It was only five years later, however, that Saint Estanislao Kostka College, Inc. shook things up to sharpen the contours of its desired identity, when a highly innovative, excellence-oriented, and very decisive person took over on June 8, 2009 as Parish Priest and President : Rev. Fr. Philip E. Alicayos. TESDA programs were opened on his administration.  Computer Hardware Servicing ( NC II); Building Wiring Installation (NC II) and later change to  Electrical Installation and Maintenance ( NC II); Shielded Metal Arc Welding ( NC II ); Bookkeeping( NC III); Health Care Servicing ( NC II) and Housekeeping ( NC II) among any.


“Within four years (2009-2013) of his taking over the leadership of the school,  Fr. Alicayos has done so much for the continuing development of SEKCI. He has especially systematized, among many other things, the major operational guidelines of the school,  within the context of its Governance and Management; Quality of Teaching and Learning; Quality of Professional Exposure, Research, and Creative Work and/or Innovation; Support for Students; and Relations with the Community,” observes Fr. Alicayos’ dynamic Executive Vice President, Mr. Joviner Y. Lactam.


Governance and Management


            Father Alicayos’ series of review sessions on the school’s operations, which looked into the school’s strengths, weaknesses, t